Worldwide unique Marathon 700 Meter belowground

Important: this event will take place this year instead of the last times.

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Results: 2014: SPORTident
2013: SPORTident
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2009: SPORTident
Organizers: sc im.puls erfurt e.V.
SV Glückauf Sondershausen e.V.
Registered adress: sc im·puls erfurt e.V.
Schützenstr. 4
D-99096 Erfurt

Tel. +49 (0) 361/ 7443655
Fax. +49 (0) 361/ 7443654

Date: November 15, 2014
Place: Brügman-Schacht, Sondershausen
– 700 meter belowground –
Start time: 10:00 am
Strecke: Marathon, circuit of 3,5 km (12 rounds) 700 meter belowground, highly profiled ground, altitude difference of 85 meter in each round
Registration period: until October 26,2014, if the limit of 400 participants is not reached
Entry terms: The extreme conditions belowground (24°C and only 30% Luftfeuchtigkeit) require highest physical and mental effort of the participants. Only very well trained athletes should participate this competition which is one of the hardest marathons.

My registration is mandatory. With my participation, I accept the disclaimer of warranty of the organizers for any liability. I will not claim any demands for bodily injuries and disadvantages against the organizers and sponsors of the competition or their representatives. I accapt that the organizers are not liable for property or financial damgages. I declacre that the limits of liability also apply to the liability for personal damages for employees, representatives, fulfilment assistants and third parties who assist the organizers in connection with the realization of the event.

I declare that I possess a sufficient physical condition and that I am physically healthy. I assure that I am insured in a health insurance coverage. I agree that my personal data submitted on the registration form will be stored electronically and processed for the purpose of the entrant’s registration and for the proper staging of the event including time management, standings, building list of starters and list of results, as well as to assist the event’s medical teams in providing medical care for the participant on the course and at the finish. By registration, the participant consents to the storage of such data for these purposes. I agree in the distribution and publication of photos, film footage, and intervies gathered within the framework of the event for radio, television, print media, books, photomechanical copies (e.g. film or videocassettes), advertising by the promoter without any responsibility for reimbursement.

With my registration, I confirm the correctness of my submitted data.

Limit of participants: The number of participants is limited to 400 athletes because of logistic reasons.
Certificate of registration: All athlets will receive after online registration a certificate of registration with addational information of the event.
Organization fee: The organization fee is 60,- Euro for all athlets. After receipt of the certificate of registration, the fee has to be transfered to the bank account of
sc impuls erfurt e.V.

Sparkasse Mittelthüringen,
IBAN : DE57820510000130069124

A reimbursement of the organization fee are possible in case of nonattendance until October 15, 2014 less a handling fee of 5,- Euro.
After this date, there is no request in reimbursment of the organization fee (neither with medical report).

With a handling fee of 5,- Euro, a transfer of registration is possible from September 16, 2014 until November 11, 2014 möglich.

Late or transfer registrations are not possible on the starting date of the competition.

Ranking: The ranking occur according to the age groups of the „Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verband“ (DLV) beginning MH or WH.
All particiants will receive a medal. Personal certificates are available via internet or directly after the competition.
Awards: All particiants will receive a medal. A personal time certificate will be hand out directly after the competition.
Award ceremonies will occur for position 1 – 3 for each main group incl. giveaways. The ceremonies will take place in the concert hall belowground.
Competition: Because of the special location, this competition is only recommended to well trained marathon runners. “Hardhats” are required during the complete competition. We recommended the use of a bicycle helmet.

For personal safety, medical surveillance will take place during the competition.The medical commission is authorized to withdraw participants from the competition.

Time limit: All participants, which do not pass time limit will be withdrawnt from the competition.
Four rounds have to completed within 2:45 hours.
Participants, which quit after the half of the distance, will be ranked as Halb-Marathon without award ceremony.

The descending into the mine is only permitted for persons aged 10 or over!

Details: The hand out of starting numbers will occur on the day of the competition starting from 7:00 – 9:00 am
Change of clothes and descending into the min und Einfahren in den Schacht from 07:30 – 09:30 am
Competition will start at 10:00 Uhr
Award ceremonies will begin at 3:30 pm
Returning from mine will begin at 2:00 pm

The startin numbers will hand over directly to the participants.

Changing rooms and showers: We recommend the use of the changing rooms and showers in the main building above ground. There is no possibility belowground. Changing clothes can be placed near the starting area.
Supply stations: Supply stations are located every 2.5 km.
Approach: Sondershausen is located in Thuringia and can be reached from Erfurt using the state road B 4. In Sondershausen, please follow the signposting Erlebnisbergwerk.
Accommodation: Please contact the tourist information of Sondershausen
Addres: D-99706 Sondershausen, Markt 9, Alte Wache
Phone: +49 (0) 3632 – 78 81 11
Fax: +49 (0) 3632 – 60 03 82
Time measurement: The time measurement will only occur using the chip timing of the company SPORTident. All participants will get a transponder with the starting documents. The return will occur directly after the finish. An amount of 30 Euro will be charged in case of no return of the transponder .
T-Shirts Functional T-Shirts can be acquired for 15 EUR.

Functional T-Shirts „Clima Function“ 2013

Functional T-Shirts „Clima Function“ 2013

Disclaimer of warranty : (1) If the organizers is authorized because of force majeure, or is commited to change the realization or to cancel the event, the participants do not have
claim for financial compensation.
(2) The organizers are not liable for property damages and financial loss because of negligence. The preceding liability limitation is also extended to personal liabilities of employees, representatives, assistants and third persons attended by the organizers or commited for this purpose by the organizers.
(3) The organizers do not assume liability for healthy risks of participants in connection with participation of the event. Each participant is responsible to check its state of health before the competition.
(4) The organizers are not liable for thieveries, lost or free of charge stored objects.
Disclaimer: The organizers reserve the right to excercise property rights and to suspend persons, which are members of extremist parties or other extremist organizations, which can be assigned to extremist coverage or which are known by racist, nationalistic, anti-Semitic or other inhuman statements in the past. In addition, the organizers reserve the right to refuse such persons from the event.